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How Much More Time Do We Have


As I uploaded some videos on YouTube earlier today, I thought about the magnificence that is the Internet, its structure, the pillars that hold it all up.

Large servers around the world always on, constantly running, handling millions of requests a second and needing to be super cooled.

Powerful undersea cables travelling across continents and carrying data, your data.

The interconnectivity and expanse around the earth that it covers.

Is it really infallible?

Is it foolproof?

How long can we keep it up?

In 2006, several powerful earthquakes hit Asia and knocked out the internet in some places.


Undersea cables connecting a network of countries had been affected by the earthquakes.

I have a few questions….

What happens when the biggest servers in the world are taken out and you can no longer talk to that person in another country?

What happens when Google no longer functions?

What happens when you can no longer access or read your mails?

What happens when the castle you have built online (social media) dissappears in a day?

What happens when all the online friends and followers that make up you feel important and a celebrity dissappear in a whim and without trace?

Would you have a life…

A real life…

Think about this.

As much as you build on here, take really seriously things that are off here like your faith, family and friends, relationships…

Build as much as you can, reach millions around the world, but know these would not be forever.

No, it would not.

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I Will Not Compromise The Faith


I was going to title this “Of Compromise and Struggles” but I changed at the last minute to something more definite and that will capture your attention strongly.


The last few months have seen me grow rapidly, develop with full force, and get more vocal about what I do ( Career and more). In the meantime, I have begun to experience first hand the very potential to subtly depart from the fervency, attitude, and fire that the Gospel of Christ has set in the heart.

No, I don’t mean to denounce Christ and the Gospel of Christ openly or outrightly, I’m talking about that sudden shift which is gradual. It begins in bits and takes hold of your soul.

You are now in the public eye. People are watching. You are caught up in public discussions and arguments that border on morality, righteousness and compromise of the TRUTH. There is a crowd waiting patiently for you to give your stand, and with sticks and stones if you dare go against popular new concepts and opinions.

Would you compromise?

You think about it. You consider it. You consider shifting the line a bit, pushing the boundaries a bit. Just a little twist you say, just a little bend, “I will not hurt either side”, ” I will not hurt the faith neither hurt the other side”

You think it, you do it but you really do not see THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND.

You say, “okay, I would avoid making a stand and keep the things of my heart hidden”, “I do not want to hurt anyone” you add.


Would you compromise the faith?

Would you compromise the Gospel of Christ and the Eternal Kingdom of God you have BELIEVED?

Do you throw away righteousness and the TRUTH of God’s Eternal Word for a good job, money, clients, popularity, connections, and a place among those who control things?


God forbid it for me and HE forbid it for you.

Do you get so caught up in your hopes and aspirations for now that you sideline the FIRE that was once in your soul for the Lord and his Will?


I do not how high, far and excellent I will go in the affairs of men, but as surely as HE lives, I TAKE A STAND AND REFUSE TO COMPROMISE THE FAITH.

This is a record to HIM, my Savior and to you reading, that I Will take a Stand for Righteousness, For Justice, and for the Gospel of Christ and I urge you to do the same.

God bless you.

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Who am I?


Who am I?

I am “Olamigoke Glory Omoniwa” and “Victor” ends the list. You might see “Olamigoke Glory Omoniwa” here and “Olamigoke Glory Victor” there but I am one and the same.

I used to be “many things”, but change and evolution have necessitated I progress to become another “many things” presently.

Destiny and the Will of the Almighty God, whose child I am, have brought me this far.

Beyond the many things I am, I am a SON of GOD, redeemed by the Blood Of Jesus Christ whose life and purpose is to proclaim the Gospel of Salvation in all the Earth.

My life, my being and my source is from God and all I am and would ever be is FROM and FOR HIM.

Irrespective of what I do and how lofty I get in the affairs of science, technology, business and what have you, I am sold out completely to the Gospel of Christ and Pursue its cause in all the Earth.

I am unashamed about this, and infact want you to know this. When you hear my name for whatever reason, I want you to know I am nothing, can be Nothing without HIM who created me.