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“Seeing through the darkness makes me fearless because I discovered that there was nothing to fear about.”

My dream finally came through, I had always wished to explore the world but never knew the dangers of it.
I swerved my SUV to a stop, stepping out.

I gazed up at the dark sky. Funny, it had few stars. That wasn’t satisfying, I then noticed my surroundings. I was in the woods, I wanted to see more rare plants and flowers.

B  Believing all was well, I went into the spooky woods, holding a flashlight in my hands. I never knew the dim lights of the moon spoke danger.

I stared around, holding my camera aswell as I began to take pictures, it was fun being alone. I was having a great time for myself until I started having some weird feeling, I felt as if I was being watched. I looked around again. There was no one.

I walked forward, my ears was sharp to listen to the rustling of leaves, for the first time my heart stopped as I froze. ” Who’s there?” I asked with a shaky voice.

Suddenly, a rabbit ran out into the bush as I sighed out in relief.

” That scared the grip out of me.” I began taking pictures again, there was a silent footsteps behind me. I stood looking back.

No one was there.

” Who’s there?”
I asked walking backwards as a shadow appeared in a flash disappearing with the moonlight rays immediately.

My eyes were widen in fear as I shook I could hear the thumping of my heart in my own ears.

Slowly, I saw a movement flashing behind trees.

I turned, lifting my feet in a long strides as I ran forward. I kept looking back as I ran, heavily breathing like an horrible lion, I felt fear for the first time in my life as I felt it following me.

Running, I hit against a tree, falling hard on the floor. I bruised my face, feeling the stings. I looked back, shaking my head. ” Don’t hurt me, please.” I cried with fear.

The shadow disappeared before me as I heard a voice. Very familiar.

Ruth came out, laughing out.” An hologram..that scared the grip out of you!”

I sighed, still shaky but one thing I knew was that. That fear was gone.