About me


HI there, I am Olamigoke Glory Omoniwa.  Welcome to my world; a world of the most thrilling and imaginative stories. 

I hope you find it comfortable here. I hope you find a warmth and fire in the words penned. I hope you find the hidden messages, brewing with goodness and righteousness and love. I hope you enjoy the books available and the many more yet to come. I hope you follow me on this journey as I build a universe with growing and emerging powerful characters.

 I advise you sit back, get a copy of each book and patiently read. This is going to be a fun ride.


I began writing at a pretty early age, say 12, 13. My first little book was written with a pencil in a small scissors cut-to-shape notebook; its front page was designed with a crayon and I think, looked just good enough. Honestly, I struggle to remember what the book was about, but it’s all there—its appearance, size and how it looked—well stamped in my memory. 
I tried severally over the years to write again, but all to no avail. Little bits and pieces here and there…
My parents especially my mum, Mrs. Edith Olamigoke, who had caught a glimpse of the early spark, made it a duty to keep trying to trigger me again, spur me on and inspire me.
She would say, 
“Glory, you have the writer in you.
“Do you remember that awesome little book and the other ones too?”
Constantly,  I heard these words, for months and for years. 
Finally, in late 2017, I picked up a pen and began to write again. This time with poise and such zeal to write and complete a book before I proceeded for my NYSC. Well, that didn’t so much work out. I left without completing that manuscript.
Fortunately in camp, early 2018, I picked up my sheets of A4 paper(I had gone to camp well prepared) and began scripting my first manuscript  (Slim-City). I completed about 9000 words in a little above a week and I was proud. But beyond this, I knew mum was going to be proud and most importantly, The AlMIGHTY GOD who put this gift in me. Something had been birthed and was going to be for the rest of my days
Yes, THE ALMIGHTY did put this in me. I believe that with every fibre of my being, and I have told Him severally, that with this spectacular gift, I would make Him proud. 
That, I have started and would continue to do.


I want to see the world changed. I want to see Goodness in the land. I want Righteousness and Justice to be the order of the day. I want to create such beautiful, powerful and inspiring characters that create such delight and put smiles on faces. 
I want you, my reader, to fall in love with books and with reading.
This, we would accomplish together and one step at a time.