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Who am I?


Who am I?

I am “Olamigoke Glory Omoniwa” and “Victor” ends the list. You might see “Olamigoke Glory Omoniwa” here and “Olamigoke Glory Victor” there but I am one and the same.

I used to be “many things”, but change and evolution have necessitated I progress to become another “many things” presently.

Destiny and the Will of the Almighty God, whose child I am, have brought me this far.

Beyond the many things I am, I am a SON of GOD, redeemed by the Blood Of Jesus Christ whose life and purpose is to proclaim the Gospel of Salvation in all the Earth.

My life, my being and my source is from God and all I am and would ever be is FROM and FOR HIM.

Irrespective of what I do and how lofty I get in the affairs of science, technology, business and what have you, I am sold out completely to the Gospel of Christ and Pursue its cause in all the Earth.

I am unashamed about this, and infact want you to know this. When you hear my name for whatever reason, I want you to know I am nothing, can be Nothing without HIM who created me.

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